Roots Youth Church exists to lead students into a life changing, spirit-empowered relationship with Jesus. We believe through this season, our students can establish roots to keep them grounded through every season of life. Through out each week we offer different community events to keep each student  growing in authentic community with their peers. We believe by creating a healthy environment, our students will establish relationships with their leaders and peers that will be guard rails for their life. Each week we offer:
SUNDAY SERVICE: Roots has a worship service every Sunday night from 6-7:30p in the student center. We worship together, study the Bible, and make time for community with games, activities and events. Our Cafe is open each week at 5:30. We encourage students to come and be involved in serving each week.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT GROUPS: Roots Groups are individual small groups that meet weekly from 6-7:30p. We have groups divided based on gender and age. During each group we dive into subject matter tailored to each specific age and gender. Our leaders are devoted to leading their group in spiritual growth, as well as being a sounding board for discussion.
We believe that both Sunday and Wednesday nights are valuable independently, but together are transformational for our students! If you are interested in being involved as a leader or volunteer, connect with Pastor Max at to receive more info!
*For upcoming events and information follow us @rootsyouthchurch on Instagram.
*If you are a parent and want to be subscribed to our monthly newsletter that includes updates, event costs, dates and times, etc.:, email with your name and contact information.