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    II Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”


    Commitment is generally the outcome of an encounter

    With God. When you have an encounter you are changed, you will not forget that encounter and you will revisit that moment in time often.


    Commitment is usually discovered in the midst of adversity. You can’t measure or even see commitment until you are a faced with a challenge or problem. This is when you see the fully committed heart come through. In these times of trial you’ll also realize that this is the place where God gives the most support so long as you are willing to see Him in the situation.


    Commitment does not depend on gifts or abilities. Commitment and talent are not related until you connect them. Many times it is the people who aren’t as talented or gifted who become more successful. This is because the less talented person will commit themselves more to a situation whereas the talented person will lose commitment when the situation becomes more difficult.


    Commitment is a result of choice, not a result of condition. Your commitment is revealed in the choices you have made. Choices we make will affect us for the rest of our lives, therefor it is our choices that determine the conditions we will live in. Asa made a choice that cost him years of his health and Judah years of war. His heart drifted from God leading to poor choices, there in making his choices responsible for the conditions he and his people suffered.


    Commitment lasts when it is based on values. When we truly believe in something it is easier to remind ourselves why we are committed to it. These beliefs, or values, are a result of face to face time with God. We find our true north in the moments when we commit to a dream, to a destination, to a goal and then we take the necessary steps to reach that goal.